Overview, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary is a triumph of rigorous scholarship and sound theology by two highly. Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary. The First Book of Moses(Genesis). Introduction. Contents, Design, and Plan of the Book of Genesis. The first book of Moses. Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament.

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Genesis 1 Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary

The rendering, “out of evening and morning there came one day,” is at variance with grammar, as well as with the actual fact. It replaces a set I once owned that I donated – with others- to a church years ago. Powered by Light speed Technology. Wagner, Franz Delitzsch, p.

Overview – Keil and Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament

This general survey will suffice to bring out the design of the book of Genesis, viz. The plural “We” was regarded by the fathers and earlier theologians almost unanimously as indicative of the Trinity: Great tool for researching information on the old testament. And lastly, in the genealogy and division of the different nations on the one hand, and the genealogical table of Shem on the other, the selection of one nation is anticipated to be the recipient and custodian of the divine revelation.

And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

Bible Commentaries

Man is to eat of “every seed-bearing herb on the face of delitzssch the earth, and every tree on which there are fruits containing seed,” consequently of the productions of both field and tree, in other words, of corn and fruit; the animals are to eat of “every green herb,” i.

This long space of years from Adam to the flood, ; to the entrance of Abram into Canaan, ; to Joseph’s death, ; in all, years is divisible into two periods. On the third, ccommentary the sea and land are separated, the plants are formed; on the sixth, the animals of the dry land and man.

I would suggest not buying this set USED on amazon as many sellers are only selling a single volume of the 10 volume set but not mentioning it. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? By the divine act of naming the two constituents of the globe, and the divine approval which follows, this work is stamped with permanency; and the second act of the third day, the clothing of the earth with vegetation, is immediately connected with it.


Jewish New Testament Commentary: That this verse is not a heading merely, is evident from the fact that the following account of the course of the creation commences with w andwhich connects the different acts of creation with the fact expressed in Genesis 1: Delitzsch’s son, Friedrich Delitzsch —was an influential Assyriologist and author of works on Assyrian language, literature, and history.

It indicates that the herbs and trees sprang out of the earth according to their kinds, and received, together with power to bear seed and oeil, the capacity to propagate and multiply their own kind. The man and the woman are the only exceptions Genesis 5: By the blessing in Genesis 1: The fact that but one human being was created at first, by no means kkeil the conclusion that the animals were created singly also; for the unity of the human race has a very different signification from that of the so-called animal species.

And if natural science cannot boast that in any one of its many branches it has discovered all the phenomena connected with the animal and human organism of the existing world, how could it pretend to determine or limit the changes through which this organism may have passed in the course of thousands commnetary years?

The second period consists of the patriarchal era.

Let us beware of measuring the works of Divine Omnipotence by the standard of human power. Commentary on the Old Testament: The statement, that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, not only precludes the idea of the eternity of the world a parte ante, but shows that the creation of the heaven and the earth was the actual beginning of all things. The account of paradise exhibits the primary relation of man to God and his position in the world.


Delitzsch was baptized on March 4, at the big St. The flood prefigures the judgment of God upon the ungodly; and the preservation and blessing of Noah, the protection of the godly from destruction. Of the preparatory age, from Noah to Terah the father of Abraham, we have an account of the covenant which God made with Noah, and of Noah’s blessing and curse; the genealogies of the families and tribes which descended from his three sons; an account of the confusion of tongues, and the dispersion of the people; and the genealogical table from Shem to Terah 8: Although in the animal kingdom, as it at present exists, many varieties are so organized that they live exclusively upon the flesh of other animals, commebtary they kill and devour; this by no means necessitates the conclusion, that the carnivorous beasts of prey were created after the fall, or the odl that they were originally intended to feed upon flesh, and organized accordingly.

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: It might appear strange, however, that in lights should not receive names from God, like the works of the first three days. Too good to be true, I guess.

The history of the world and of the kingdom of God begins with him. All that is related of the first period, from Adam to Terah, is obviously connected, no doubt, with the establishment of the kingdom of God in Israel, but only in a remote degree.

In the account of the accomplishment of the divine purpose the words swell into a jubilant song, so that we meet here for the first time with a parallelismus membrorum, the ksil of man being celebrated in three parallel clauses.