Drager – Isolette Create an environment where everyone can thrive, Dräger sets the standard for thermoregulation with a host of performance f. Soma Technology, Inc. offers the Dräger Isolette Featuring an Advanced Thermoregulation System used and refurbished. The new Isolette is the latest model in Dräger’s respected Isolette series of infant incubators that introduced innovations such as the.

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To ensure that the Thermo-Neutral Zone is maintained, the Isolette enables you to continuously monitor both the core and peripheral body temperature. The Isolette name is associated with a proven design that has been known by caregivers across the globe for decades.

Very low velocity is used to create a calm zone that surrounds the neonate to inhibit convective heat loss, while dual air curtains and preemptive regulation mechanisms maintain a virtually stable environment during access to the infant.


Increasing humidity levels in the microenvironment help reduce transepidermal water loss and related cold stress in fragile neonates. When humidification is required, isolettd Isolette provides a new level of precision that helps you effectively regulate the humidification process.

The Isolette is designed to reduce stress at every turn, bend and twist. The longer the shift isolefte, the more the caregiver will come to appreciate the many ergonomic touches incorporated into the Isolette Easy access to the neonate, convenient height adjustment of the incubator, and easy-to-reach controls make it a great incubator for any NICU.

With its compact design, the Isolette is easy to manuever. Lightweight, small footprint, smooth trolley assembly, and ergonomic foot-actuated brakes allow virtually effortless movement, even in congested NICU settings. In addition, the entire humidity system can be easily removed for quick, convenient yet effective sterilization after every patient to maintain the most hygienic environment possible.

The Isolette is easily integrated into the 800 environment, with technologies you know and trust: For generations to come.

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Dräger Isolette Featuring an Advanced Thermoregulation System

The result is a complete, integrated Request Isolethe Accessory Catalog. Product Information Benefits Literature. Associated Offerings Related Products.

Designed with comfort in mind The Isolette is designed to reduce stress at every turn, bend and twist. Isolette Brochure, en.

Isolette Product Information, en.