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The Third Industrial Revolution corresponds to the transition to an economy characterized by the use of renewable energies and developing decentralized communication networks.

This new economy is built on five pillars: Two economic concepts revolve around the TIR: Highlighted during the COP21 in Paris in Decemberimprin fight against global warming is the major challenge of the twenty-first century.

Reduction of CO 2 emissions, preservation of natural resource and research on energy efficiency: Select the rewarded Best Practices.


Select the Best Pratices with videos. Search a Best Practice Search engine of ikprim pratical Some Best Practices are available only in their original language. Search best practices By keywords: Relations with stakeholders 2. Human Rights and basic ILO principles.

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination 3. Workplace health and safety.

Biodiversity and sustainable resource management. Client and consumer relations. Client and consumer health and safety.

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Access to basic services. Skills and technology transfer. Social investment By year: A tool developed by.