Review. Torn: The Missing, Book 4. by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Thirteen-year- old Jonah longs for a normal life again. Ever since he found. Torn by Margaret Peterson Haddix – Jonah and Katherine embark on a chilling journey to discover the Northwest Passage in this new installment of the New. Torn (The Missing) [Margaret Peterson Haddix] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jonah and Katherine embark on a chilling journey to.

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It then turns out that Second sent John Hudson to Haddux was released on September 8, A thirteen-year-old boy named Jonah had always known that he was adopted and had never thought much of it until he began receiving strange letters sent to his house.

Torn by Margaret Peterson Haddix Book Review

Mileva freezes everyone there using the Elucidator and then watches her whole life, Emily’s life, and learns English to understand how time travel worked.

While you still can Jonah and Katherine escape the boat after a docking, and manage to get into the Damaged Time of I really liked the historical facts at the e It was okay. The three come to realize that Jonah and Chip are important missing children from history who were transported to the 21st century by baby smuggling time travelers, whose names are Gary and Hodge. Cover for Foundthe first book in the series.

In this book, Jonah, Katherine, Chip, and Chip’s real brother, Alex, have one warning of disaster before they are sent back to 15th century to the Tower of Londonwith the promise that they can return to their home in the 21st century if they can repair history. Oct 11, Eliot Morrison rated it really liked it.


Enter your email address to subscribe to Good Books And Good Wine and receive notifications of new ton by email. I enjoyed the way that the characters were built and developed and their timelines were carefully constructed.

The Missing Collection by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Sep 06, Curran rated it it was amazing. Jonah and Katherine have been sent to to fix the Ripple released by Second, hadfix maverick time traveler from the future, in Hardcoverpages.

It tells the story of famous children from history stolen by futuristic time travelers from their place in time and accidentally sent to the 21st century as babies. I will now have to read the next novel due to the overwhelming amount of suspense and my stupid curiosity! Oct 02, Cameron rated it it was amazing. Henry’s son, John, is one of the missing kids of time. To ask other readers questions about Tornplease sign up.

Torn (The Missing, #4) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

The characters, as always, were fantastic! Sent was released on August 25, Mar 29, Julie Suzanne rated it it was ok Shelves: Struggling to survive in the icy waters of James Bay, JB reveals that John Hudson, one torb the kids stolen from history and Henry Hudson’s son, is missing, and Jonah will have to play his part.

Visit her at HaddixBooks. The eighth and final book, Redeemedwas released on September 8, When Mileva tries to show Albert the year-old Emily, time freezes in as well, but not Mileva, since she skipped time to when Albert arrived. Is this the end of time as we know it? The text states “Something very strange and dangerous is happening on the Discovery” Their journey lands them on the deck of the Discovery, captained by Henry Hudson the great or perhaps not so great explorer.


Trivia About Torn The Missing They tirn put in the middle of a mutiny, but nobody notices them. Again, a nod for the well-researched history that made it come alive without distorting the facts beyond recognition.

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Torn : Margaret Peterson Haddix :

It’s very dangerous, as Jonah is hit with a club, tied up in a mutiny, and put in the stocks. And when Second requires their help, Jonah and In their other adventures, Jonah, Katherine and the missing kid have tracers, the ghostly outline of what’s supposed to happen, to help steer them in the right direction.

Posing as angels, they terrify King Richard by telling that his murder of his nephews means that he is condemned to hell, leaving him with a burden of guilt and terror of damnation that lasts throughout his reign.