GOST 82, Russian GOST Standards In English. GOST −82 hot-rolled Steel for reinforcement of concrete structures. The profile number (nominal diameter of the bar ГОСТ Сталь горячекатаная. Hot-rolled steel for reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures. Specifications Сталь горячекатаная для армирования железобетонных конструкций.

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NiFe50, Permalloy Wire, rod, bar Sheet, strip. Alloy 59 Rod bar. I agree with privacy policiesregarding confidential data and user agreement. Your message must contain at least 20 symbols.

P9 round wire wire Gosg, sheet. Titanium grade 17 Rod barwire. Strip foil Busbar, band. Tool steel High speed steel R18 circle wire wire R18 circle wire wire Strip, sheet. Copper sheet Copper plate.

CuCd1 wire, pipe Sheet, strip foil. Titanium gost VT Pipe, sheet plate. Titanium gost VT20 Tube, sheet plate.

Aluminum sheet Aluminum plate.

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Call back in 30 seconds. CuAl9Mn2 rod, wire, tube Sheet, strip foil. Products made of cast iron and steel Steel pipes and special-purpose pipes Steel profiles Spring steel Steel with special magnetic properties Tool steel Production of iron and steel other Steel for pressure purposes Steel bars and wire rods Iron and steel forgings Non-alloy steel Production of iron and steel in General Heat-treated steels High quality steel Iron and steel castings Steel flat products and semi-finished products Steel for the reinforcement of concrete Steel wire, wire ropes and sectional chain.


Chemical and mechanical analysis of steel products. General rules and regulations for the industry Thermal and thermochemical treatment of metals The use and operation Terms and symbols Welding and cutting metals. We work and we deliver our metal across all territory of Russia and the CIS.

Carrying out ultrasonic control UZK 7. Flange connection Metal hose with flange connection with hinged bolts Metal hose with external thread of the nipple Chemical resistance table Ropes and cables. Non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Palladium and palladium alloys Palladium alloy Palladium. Red brass C C Titanium grade 6, Ti5Al2.

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Fittings 14 measure of GOST of Art. 25G2S/35GS; And – ІІІ (AC) buy in Kiev

Your phone number in international format, please. Powder construction material Powder material based on iron Powder material based on copper Powder material based on aluminum Powder material based on molybdenum Powder material based on titanium Powder material based on silicon carbide.


Electrotechnical steel Electrotechnical steel sulfur Electrotechnical unalloyed steel. Tantalum tube, rod, bar, wire Sheet, strip foil.

Molybdenum, molybdenum alloy Molybdenum Molybdenum alloy Molybdenum-copper alloy.

CuCr, CuCr1 pipe, rod, wire Sheet, strip foil. The fittings used in construction including from steel 08G2S has some versions: Steel, heat resistant alloy High-temperature alloy Low alloy high-temperature steel Steel high alloy high-temperature Relaxation-resistant steel Steel heat-resistant Steel creep resisting and heat resisting The heat-resistant alloy heat-resistant The heat-resistant alloy Steel high-temperature alloy. Stainless wire Stainless spring wire Stainless welding wire.

Cast iron Foundry pig iron Cast iron pig Grey cast iron with lamellar graphite Malleable cast iron Low alloy cast iron High alloy cast iron Antifriction iron castings Nickel cast iron Cast iron with nodular graphite The vermicular graphite iron casting. Titanium grade 19 Rod barwire. NiCr20Ti pipe Wire, rod bar Sheet, strip. Copper-zinc alloy Copper-zinc solder Brass casting Brass pressure treated.

Leaded tin bronzes C C C You pay in rubles or hryvnia?