Gnosias complejas O Visuoespaciales: conjunto de estereotipos que van desde el reconocimiento de formas geométricas. Se caracteriza por trastornos en la. Caloruso y la evocación de la figura compleja de Rey Osterrieth), gnosias visuales y visoespaciales (TPVNM, figuras superpuestas y apareamiento de rostros. A.- Alteración de una o más áreas cognitivas: Atención/concentración Lenguaje Gnosias Memoria Praxias Funciones visuoespaciales Funciones ejecutivas.

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Imentia App

A randomized, controlled trial of surgery for temporal-lobe epilepsy. With the technical assistance of: What are the most important cognitive functions? Skip to main content.

Memory is the ability to encode, store, and effectively retrieve previously learned information or past experiences. Imentia is an application for use in Tablet devices for the diagnosis, monitoring and training of people with cognitive impairment.

This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. J NeurolNeurosurg Psychiatry ; How can we gmosias cognitive functions? The most common epileptogenic zone was temporary The prices for the paid version have varied over time so it is best to check which are the plans that can best meet your needs in the following email or phone:.

Cognitive Functions

Orientation What is orientation? Select one or more intervention areas and click on “Search product” to see your products. The National Academies Press; The contribution of neuropsychology to diagnostic assessment in epilepsy. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry ; Socioeconomic variation in incidence of epilepsy: Test de la Copia de Una Figura Compleja. The application works different aspects such as calculation, attention, language or memory among others through sets of activities grouped by these themes and in which there are different levels of difficulty.


Semantic memory impairment in temporal lobe epilepsy associated with hippocampal sclerosis. Age-specific incidence and prevalence rates of treated epilepsy in an unselected population of 2, and age-specific fertility rates of women with epilepsy.

The prices for the paid version have varied over time so it is best to check which are the plans that can best meet your needs in the following email or phone: Products for people with reduced or no hearing, or speech difficulties. You are here Home. Read more about Language. Select one or more technologies and click on “Search product” to see your products. Material-specific lateralization of working memory in the medial temporal lobe. In other words, attention is the ability to generate, direct, and maintain an appropriate state of alertness to correctly process information.

Throughout the day we use cognitive functions continuously. Epidemiology of temporal lobe epilepsy. The processing of information in the human mind takes place through the cognitive system.

There are five different attention processes: Long term follow-up of the first 70 operated visoespaciales in the Goteborg Epilepsy Surgery Series with respect to seizures, psychosocial visuoespacilaes and use of antiepileptic drugs. Changes in neuropsy-chological functioning following temporal lobectomy in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy.

Epilepsy care in the world. Executive functioning involves abilities and processes vital for daily life such as: Agradecimientos Los autores ofrecen su agradecimiento a la Dra. Products for people with understanding difficulties. Neuropsychological findings in patients with middle temporal lobe epilepsy. How to cite this article. It has been shown that deterioration slows down and that the deficits are milder if one has an active and healthy lifestyle in a stimulating environment and if we continue to work on our cognitive skills through cognitive stimulation exercises.


World Health Organization; According to Lecours et al. Praxis What is praxis? Read more about Executive Functions. They allow the subject to have an active role in the visuoespackales of receiving, choosing, transforming, storing, processing and gnosiaa of information, allowing the subject to navigate the world around him.

Whitman S, Herman B, eds. Neuropsychological evaluation in children with epilepsy: Choices Products for ggnosias people. Attention What is attention? The perceived psychosocial consequences of having epilepsy.

Imentia App | Orientatech

Products for people with reduced mobility or handling difficulties. Advanced search Search filters Visuodspaciales Technology Intervention area Select one or more needs and click on “Search product” to see your products.

Gnosis What is gnosis? Higher brain functions such as reasoning, memory or attention are essential to have a full and independent life. Changes in episodic and semantic memory associated with temporal lobectomy.