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A companion of Ameerul-Momineen. In the beginning he was attached to the Third Caliph Othman. One of the nobles in Kufa. Both sons of Hur. The Holy Lady Zainab s.

A very noble personality known for his piety in Kufa. He reported himself to the Holy Imam, from Kufa, and was martyred.

Son of Muslim bin Aqeel ibne Abi Taleb. They had learnt the art of fencing from their uncle, Abbas the brave.

Gunj-e-Shaheedan – Lucknow

On the night of Ashoora when the Holy Imam told his companions to find their own ways and save themselves from the wholescale massacre of his supporters which was in store for them the following day, Muslim addressing the Holy Imam said: When ‘Umar son of Saad’ saw the courage of this young fighter, he ordered his troops to attack him in force.

Hajjaji bin Masrooq al-Jaufi: He accompanied Qasim bin Hasan from Medina. Abdul Rahman bin Mas’ood at Taimi: This is the great son of the First Holy Imam Ali ibne Abi Taleb, from the noble lady Hazrat Ummul-Baeen, who was brought into this world to fulfill the desire of Amirul-Momineen to have his own representative, on his behalf to be martyred with Husayn in Karbala.


Omayyabib Sa’d at Tale: Sayeed bin Abdullah Hanafi: At once he heard a cry. A very pious personality from a group of the Asadi tribe, extra-ordinarily brave, faithful and one of the sincere and faithful companions of the Holy Prophet. Jaun bin Malike Tameemi: Chaukhamba Mosque topic Chaukhamba Mosque Urdu: The two boys rode out into the battlefield.

At one point ‘Umar son of Saad’ asked, “Who are these two youngsters? Aun and Muhammad were attacked from all sides. A truthful and a very reliable gentlemen. Hur was among the foremost martyrs in the way of God.

Ganj-E-Shaheedan – Punjabi Library

After martyrdom, the bodies of the martyrs lay on the desert of Karbala without Kafn. He could not bear the least disregard for the Holy Imam, from anyone in the Devil’s forces. The liberated slave of hazrat Hamza, the uncle of the Holy Prophet-had come from Madina along with Husayn. Their grandfather Harraq, was one of the faithful companions of Ameerul-Momineen.

Along with Abdullah bin Zaid-e-Abdi. A very pious and brave noble personality enjoying the trust and the confidence of the people. These great men well-known and highly respected ones of their ganh came and requested the Imam to permit them to drink the cup of martyrdom along with him.

Just at that moment another cry was heard, this time from Muhammad. They are my devotees. Imam Hussain pbuh stood there in silence. He volunteered to be martyred for the Truth. His grandfather was one of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet.

After the martyrdom of Amirul-Momineen, he remained attached to Imam Hassan and later after the martyrdom of Imam Hassan, he remained devoted to Husayn. Shaheecan was a very handsome boy. Imam Hussain pbuh stood near the tents as he held his horse’s reins. God be with you! Evidently he was alert and ready. When Abdullah was martyred, his wife sitting at the dead body of her husband said “O Abdullah Thou hath entered Paradise, take me along with thee.


He carried Husayn’s letters to the devotees of the Ahlul-Bait in Basra. Well-known in Kufa for his nobility of character, courage, and a revered noble veteran of the town.

Member feedback about List of cultural heritage sites in Punjab, Pakistan: Although these brave soldiers did not have their own families to mourn their death, the ladies in Imam Hussain’s camp cried for them as if they were part of their own family. They fled as the Imam attacked, and one of the enemy’s men who had dismounted to sever Qasim’s head was himself trampled under the hoofs of the horses of his fleeing comrades.

Yazid bin Maghfal Ja’fi: He came to Shxheedan. Jinadat ibne Ka’b Ansari Al-Khazraji: The Deputy of the Holy Imam to Kufa, where he was martyred.


These two brothers were noblemen of Kufa. A staunch devotee of Amirul-Momineen Ali, from Basra. Do you remember how proud our father Ali was? The temple structure that existed prior to the construction of the mosque was most probably built by Raja Man Singh during Akbar’s reign.