FORTRESS DRACONIS: Book One of the DragonCrown War Cycle. Michael A. Stackpole, Author. Bantam Spectra $ (p) ISBN In an age of treachery and peril, a young thief may be the prophesied savior or the betrayer of the world. Once one of the grandest of human. Fortress Draconis (DragonCrown War, book 1) by Michael A Stackpole – book cover, description, publication history.

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Jun 24, Anne Marie rated it really liked it. To them, Will could be the fulfillment of a long-held dream and the last chance the world has to save itself from Chytrine, the northern tyrant who would be daconis of the world. They agree and after he wins the day for them he also brings them to Dragonholm.

Oct 29, Pages. Later he is summoned by the Grand Magister and decides to go. This is only Book One, so Chytrine must live to fight another day. The words of the prophecy are printed in every book on the pages before the story starts.

Well written characters are the highlight; Stackpole also knows how to write a battle sequence. But their belief in Will finds few allies in a world torn by war and magick. Crow and Resolute are fantastic mentor figures, non-human characters of Peri and Lombo are my personal dracons, and I definitely wish there were more Dranae. Something that will force his landlord and mentor, Marcus, from kicking him out of the thief’s den.

It is about a boy and who he meets while he is having an epic adventure and all he learns on his way to his destiny to end a war. My opinion on this book is fortrezs. Alexia is a very strong character throughout and b I love the set of main characters he has set in this story.

Will wants to take a direct approach foryress Alyx discovers another way after a secret meeting in her dreams with the black dragon. I’d have figured they’d turn it into a giant bomb. The Dragon Crown is a magical artifact of great power. He acquitts Tarrant of many of his supposed crimes but still accuses him of treason because he would not kill Lord Norrington before he could become a sullanciri.


Fortress Draconis: The Podcast |

Someone was testing to see if Kerrigan could actually save the world. He decided he “had back-story, so might as well burn it in a novel we could use as a lead-in.

They have no motivation, no history, no personality. When Scrainwood finds out he fortfess the crown piece. There is a prequel, “The Dark Glory War”, which I had tried to read, but found it ponderous and slow. I’m pleased to say that his character develops a lot as he realises quite early that there are more important things that becoming ‘king of thieves’ and willingly accepts responsibility for the others. Will is found and sent with the Okrannel army featuring Princess Alexia as one of its generals.

Was this a betrayal of her mother? On the other side of the battle, Crow finally does what Lord Norrington has asked for long ago and kills Nefrai-Lesh. King Augustus gives it to him and receives promises of help in the future. The Black Dragon is a member of drqconis society that Alyx was dortress to during the events of the last book. The Podcast or any of a thousand more.

If you are looking for something to read that is not your run of the mill fantasy series you don’t have any Stackpole has a great series on his hands here. I really hate not finishing books for pity’s sake, I managed to finish The Unrememberedeven though I wanted to throw it at a wall when I was done and will usually see anything I pick up through to the bitter end.

Popular Latest Comments Tags. Enjoyed the prequel “The Dark Glory War” more but this too was very good. With grand battles, I’m pleased that a lot of attention is devoted to battle planning and war strategy. The disparate nature of these characters drives the story and will keep you hooked to the last page. Alexia, princess of a dead nation, leads an army to oppose Chytrine.

Kerrigan also finds out that his captor is a very powerful mage who has an urZethru as a companion.


FORTRESS DRACONIS by Michael A. Stackpole | Kirkus Reviews

I’d have figured they’d turn it into a giant b So it’s 25 years later and now we have Will as The Norrington dracomis Leigh went crazy and got ringwraithed. Everyone let Cathy rebuild once the whole 12 guys they sent failed last time. Also during this time, Isaura turns against her mother,realizing she is evil like the Oromise who guide her, and helps free Saynce and then head to find the newly freed Will. Norrington realizing that the arrival of the temeryx from the north means the evil Queen Chytrine of Aurolan was renewing her effort to conquer the world.

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Feb 21, Mark rated it it was ok Shelves: It spends absolutely no time world-building; you’re just thrown straight into the deep end lore-wise without a life line and advised to not drown.

To help us recommend your next book, tell us what you enjoy reading. There are pages and pages of battle strategy, and then more and more pages describing the battle itself. On the way they discuss plans for freeing Crow from his imprisonment.

Once one of the grandest draconiss human cities, Yslin now has a dark heart known as the Dimandowns. If only I could write a battle scene like he does.

The first half of the story is fast paced and full darconis character growth and engaging scenarios.

Fortress Draconis

A complicated world and fully realized cultures and histories. Part of the problem I think is there’s a prequel novel I wasn’t aware of before I started and didn’t read.

At drraconis he is devastated but an elf mage suggests that Vorquellyn did not accept him because Resolute is destined to create a new elf homeland.

Rather surprising twist, but bearable.