Sunward details the inner part of the eclipse phase solar system: can you take the heat? find out on Mercury, the vulcanoids, or dive into the sun’s Corona with. Eclipse Phase: Sunward: The Inner System – We updated Sunward and added print on demand options in October ! Sunward details the. Eclipse Phase has 98 ratings and 5 reviews. Timothy said: The opposite of the Rimward book as this one focuses on the inner planets like Mercury and Venu.

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Your mind is software.

Your body is a shell. Death is a disease. This means it’s actually legal to go out and download it and share it with whoever you want. The game is set around 10 years after the singularity eclipsee the Fall in the game renders earth a nano-technological wasteland, and trans-humanity lives scattered around the solar system.

Characters typically work for a shadowy organization called ‘Firewall’, sunwxrd are attempting to ensure the survival of the solar system. They are currently sunwatd your Kickstarter monies to fund a second edition. Interestingly, while the first edition was billed as “A game of transhuman horror”, the second edition is called “A game of transhuman survival”. This suggests that they might be toning town the game’s cosmic horror elements.

There was a massive war between first world nations and corporations, then the singularity happened, and a bunch of sunard AIs called the TITANs went crazy, Earth had to be evacuated. Now everybody lives elsewhere – on the partially terraformed surface of Mars, on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, floating above the clouds of Venus, or in space stations and hollowed out asteroids across the solar system.

Nanotech is readily available, people can copy their minds to computers, and humans uplifted a couple of species mostly different types of apes, birds, and eclilse into human-level sentience through genetic engineering.

They might be tranhumanity’s ticket to survival as a species by allowing expansion to varied locations throughout the galaxy, or they might be a trap or Trojan horse that will lead to death and horrible Cthulhu-style alien threats.

Some aliens calling themselves ‘The Factors’ appeared, claiming to represent the rest of galactic civilization, but they are very mysterious and possibly completely manipulative assholes who want to fuck humanity over. Or maybe they’re helpful – who knows?

There’s an odd thing called the Exurgent virus possibly left behind by the TITANsthat’s basically everything horrible about nanoplagues and the Warp that you could ever imagine, rolled into a single ever-changing threat that seems guided by unknowable intelligences to better improve itself and screw with everybody else through intense body horror and mental reprogramming. On lhase other hand, it’s so incredibly advanced that understanding it ecoipse be a huge leap forwards for science, and the Watts-McLeod strain ecpipse just be a relatively safe and easy path to functional psychic powers.

Eclipse Phase: Sunward

Or it might all be an even more insidious horrible trap. The solar system alone contains more factions and sub-factions than your average Drow city, and they trust each other about as much as the Drow do. Or maybe they’re all wrong, and everything will end in a huge war throughout the solar system. It’s full of the stuff!

If the ethical and practical implications of some of the stuff that can be snward with transhumanity’s technology doesn’t eclopse you, the Exurgents and TITAN threats will.

And the setting itself is absurdly full of plot hooks and conspiracies to get repeatedly killed by have fun with.

Eclipse Phase – 1d4chan

Also there are space-whales living in the sun, and all kinds of weird ass fucking to be had. Especially if you join a Scum swarm, or any of the other groups who use the incredible potential offered by transhumanity’s technology to do weird shit going from absolutely crazy sex to pseudo-Darwinian “enhanced natural selection” through cannibalism and fighting to the death repeatedly.


This game’s setting is incredibly well developed and thought out except for the one big gaping plothole; see below and overall it’s quite a nice read. The core rulebook itself isn’t an awful way to expose people to transhumanist ideas and implications, either. The fact that the PDFs are free is nice too. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a pretty big flaw in the setting’s premise and logic, it’s infamous for tying the Eclipse Phase forums in intellectual knots, and you should probably decide early on how you’re going to handle it.

You see, the centerpiece of the Eclipse Phase version of transhumanism is the ability to translate human consciousness into data and copy it between bodies and across interplanetary data links. The operative words here are translate and copy. It’s the same philosophical issue that people have been raising with Star Trek transporters for decades; you’re trusting a computer to use your brain to make something that kinda sorta acts like you, kill you, and then let the copy go on with its life thinking it’s you, all while deluding yourself into thinking the copy that’s left behind after you die is, in fact, you.

The thing that makes it a real killer is what while Star Trek is about as far as you can go into soft sci-fi without crossing over into outright science fantasy, Eclipse Phase at least pretends to be hard sci-fi, even with the Stargates and space whales living in the sun. Moreover, Eclipse Phase goes beyond simple transportation into duplicating and modifying people with egoware, resleeving and the forking mechanics, which makes it much harder to handwave away the implications as Star Trek does.

When you put it all together, the idea that people are habitually committing suicide just to get around the solar system or do a specific job better is completely fucking absurd.

To make things worse, the process of resleeving and egocasting can be, and was, compromised. Getting forked after cast, or even having altered version of yourself take your morph is a real possibility. And it’s eclipsw that hard either, many criminal organizations in the setting are known to do this. These issues are pretty darn basic philosophical and existential roadblocks to transhumanism that people have been writing about since forever, and the developers haven’t given nearly enough support to reconciling them in a satisfactory manner.

Unfortunately, trying to excise the whole mess also forces you to excise a lot of the coolest parts of the setting like the crime family that’s sinward forks of the same chick so you’re going to have to find a compromise that you and your group can live with.

Some possible approaches are:. Whatever you do, make suwnard you prepare for a political shitstorm, if not on your table, than on whatever forums you are discussing your choices on.

suhward Philosophy aside, there are still a bunch of hot-button political issues wrapped up in this game. Some of it is based purely on the nature of transhumanism, and some of it is intentionally injected by the writers. There are a lot of utopias to ruin in the Transhuman Future TMand you had better believe someone is going to get their toes stepped on when you try to ruin theirs. One of the more unique things about Eclipse Ecllpse is the differentiation between a character’s Ego mind and Morph body.

Given the ability to upload a character’s brain to a digital repository, characters can make back-ups of their personality and if one body dies, simply swap into a new one. This allows combat to be highly lethal without having to introduce new characters constantly, similar to the 6-pack system of Paranoia. Morphs are also more varied than many standard RPGs, ranging from unaltered humans to robotic “shells” to swarms of nanotech to genetically engineered octopi.


Eclipse Phase: Sunward by Posthuman Studios

On the other hand, the game also has a bunch of relatively hilarious zunward, that players or GMs like to bitch about. The default protagonist faction, dedicated to fight against the x-risks and other threats to humanity by any means necessary. Before The Fall, there were many anti-x-risks organizations and state agencies who were not taken seriously, and after the shit hit the fan the remnants of these groups met and founded Firewall. Think a mashup of spy-thriller-style “highest-clearance-level” government organizations, the leadership of X-COMthe Imperial Inquisitiona dash of the SCP Foundationa pinch of The Laundry Filesand a heaping helping of ethical shadowrunning.

They are extremely compartmentalized in order to avoid the House of Cards situation, to the point that it is more accurate sunwwrd say that there are lots of different groups that identify themselves as Firewall who are barely connected with each other and then only by equally loose councils. Your typical PCs are Firewall Sentinels, a team of agents sunwagd are tasked to assess the potential problem without drawing too much attention and, if possible, neutralize it.

If something is way above their capabilities or things goes south, the min-maxed all-combat-all-the-time Erasure teams are called in to purge everything in general vicinity, including the Sentinels if they are unlucky. To avoid subversion and to increase recruiting pools, Firewall’s internal political structure is much closer to that of the Imperial Inquisition than say, The Laundry or the Men In Black.

Firewall cells do go rogue, they sometimes end up fighting each other, and Firewall has “puritans” and “radicals” who argue over what can be used and what must be destroyed. The result was some very good threads and some high quality writefaggotry.

Now if only someone who knew where it is could show the rest of us plebs A certain fan of the game called Anders Sandberg is noteworthy for getting shit done, big snuward. He has created a metric ton worth of background information and homebrew rules for the game, including historical information, new corporations, characters and everything else under the sun.

Honorable mention goes to the cognoweapons he designed.

As if this wasn’t grimdark enough, the best way of creating cognoweapons is to run someone’s ego through a so-called hellcubea quantum computer that will torture the ego in sunqard million different ways at once to see which one is the most painful. This is the kind of sickfuckery that would make Urien Rakarth nod in acknowledgement.

The Eclipse Phase website also has several mini-sourcebooks about little things like the Titan Quarantine Zone on Mars or a scum swarm called The Stars Our Destinationa Morph Recognition Guide with pictures and rules for every Morph in the game found throughout the sourcebooks, a list of NPCs ready to use, and a few adventures.

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