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Ever since we released Export to InDesignthe 1 requested feature has been to add support for more non-English characters.

This version adds support for many, many more special characters, including the now famous infamous? In addition, any characters that are not recognized will be rendered as a box, so when the text is placed in InDesign, it will be easy to spot any errors. It is a big job, but we are working to add support for even more special characters in the future, so if you do encounter a problem, please contact us at plugins dirtysuds.

TinyWP is a new way to install WordPress quickly. Rather than downloading didtysuds full WordPress install to your machine, extracting the code, and uploading to a remote server, TinyWP cuts out the middle man by downloading WordPress directly from your server.

It will download the latest version of WordPress to your server, extract all the files and start the setup process for you. TinyWP is brand new, so download it and give it a try and report any issues you have to the issue tracker on Google Code.

And I do mean a little help. Dirtgsuds at VaultPress showed my that all it takes is adding one line to your wp-config. CloudFlare and VaultPress now play quite well together. We have noticed many of our pages are loading a good deal faster, and domain name resolution happens in a flash.

  LEY 26549 PDF

It connects directly to our server using SSL and automatically backs up any changed files, settings, posts… you name it. A couple of weeks ago, I had to restore a site using the VaultPress backup.

I was on vacation in the Florida Keys, away from my ejbed computer, and quite nervous about how the process would go.

Index of /new/wp-content/plugins/dirtysuds-embed-pdf

Fortunately, it turned out to be a breeze. The whole restore, from a fresh WordPress install to everything being back to normal, took about an hour.

I could probably hook you up. The response to our Better YouTube Embeds plugin has been tremendous.

Lots of blogs have made their YouTube videos mobile compatible just by installing a simple plugin. This will ensure that all posts will receive the iframe embed code, not just new posts. This is not an option you need to select, or a page you need to visit, it just works out of the box.

Alternatively, you can use the WordPress shortcode. This will embed the YouTube video in your post, no plugins necessary for that part. Better YouTube Embeds hooks into this functionality and simply tells WordPress to grab the iframe code, instead of the old Flash object code.

This makes it a much nicer dirtyxuds than using special video embed shortcodes, which just stop working if the plugin disappears. YouTube has started using a new type of embed code for putting YouTube videos on external sites. This new code gives YouTube dirtysucs more flexibility for things like delivering H. Unfortunately, WordPress is still using the old embed code.


Index of /site/wp-content/plugins/dirtysuds-embed-pdf

This means that, even with a mobile enabled theme or other mobile plugins, devices without Flash are not capable of viewing videos YouTube videos embedded on WordPress sites this way. I have created a plugin, Embed YouTube iFramethat changes the code that WordPress uses to embed videos, and embeds the new iFrame embed code. There is no shortcode to learn, no HTML to fiddle with, no settings at all.

You just install the plugin and, when you include the URL of a YouTube video in a post, WordPress will fetch the mobile-capable iFrame version to embed.

This dirtysuda is already in use on emebd high traffic video blogs and, as with all of our plugins, we are committed to supporting and updating the plugin in the future should the need arise. After I stopped laughing and picked myself up off the floor, I decided that he was right. Post navigation Ever since we released Export to InDesignthe 1 requested feature has been to add support for more non-English characters.

Alternatively, you can use the WordPress shortcode [ embed ]http: From an actual message a client sent me.