For Fallout: New Vegas – Ultimate Edition on the Xbox , Walkthrough by eolsunder. Detonado fallout new vegas pdf. 1 – GAME MOD – 2. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, unique weapon locations, walkthrough, guide, FAQ.

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You can stay back in the hall and stealth-shoot them one at a time to lure them to you so they don’t all attack together. Mountain Shadows Campground Clear them all out and loot the dufflebags and body in the small cave behind them.

Quests do Fallout: New Vegas | Fallout Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Take them out and loot the 3 small sheds that they live in. I Don’t Hurt Anymore. Roam about the yard, there are about 5 salvageable solar panels on the nnew, plus 2 terminal areas that you need to input the 2 codes.

RINGO will come up and give you some caps as a reward. You will dteonado LT. When you hit level 50 you will be able to pick a nice perk depending on your Karma. Ants will be on the left, you might have to kill 1 or 2 if they are near the road.


At this point in the game you should be level 14 and have a decent amount of loot, caps, and basic weapons and armor.

Not much else here except a boatload of radio equipment.

Fallout: New Vegas – Ultimate Edition Walkthrough for Xbox by eolsunder – GameFAQs

Head out the base. You don’t want to be involved with his habits. Go ahead and clear them out. Each area has a dufflebag you detonzdo loot for random items. You can talk to BOONE and he might have new dialog choices open, even though you’ve already helped his guilt.

Agree to help then head up the vrgas to the southwest, past the small tower. They are a little tougher than your basic foes you have encountered so far, and much faster.

Snyder Prospector Camp As for perks, pick these perks at these levels. Red Rock Canyon Kill them and loot.

Exit the room and talk to LT. Continue south, and look right up on the large hill you will see a small power tower.


Quests do Fallout: New Vegas

Samson Rock Crushing Plant New Vegas Medical Clinic Light Touch carries over from Prologue Faklout Head west to the hillside to see if any raiders have re-spawned, if so wipe them out. Downstairs is a hidden NCR base with some minor loot. That Lucky Old Sun. You shouldn’t need experience or caps at this point, but do it if you wish.

Follow the road to the right southwest up the very steep hill with the ruined vehicles. There is not much at the Drive-in.

Go toe-to-toe with the Queen and try and draw her attention while you attack.