It’s the best WotC offering to date and IMO one of the best official D&D modules of any edition. However, that’s not a very high bar for the most. The Reavers of Harkenwold adventure is, in a word, excellent. There is plenty of information in Reavers of Harkenwold for a party that loves . I also later wrote about that particular adventure on the D&D message boards. Hello everyone, planning to run Reavers of Harkenwold adventure and want to hear your thoughts about it, is it good, is it bad, how you ran it.

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It is a great module.


Not only is it non-linear, but there is room to drop in side-quests or whatever other ideas on might have to fill it out for your group. Any tips generally running it? The Reavers of Harkenwold adventure is, in a word, excellent. Join Date Aug Posts You can have the person who hired them to clean out Kobold Hall hire them to deliver something to Harkenwold or the armorer ask them to pick up something from that area.

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Uarkenwold adventure was written for levels 2 to 4… but in my own game, I stretched this content out for months on end. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Free a region of innocents from an evil outside army that has taken over.

The adventure is really a series of non-linear small encounters — contact the rebellion, upset the supply lines, recruit more rebels, negotiate with the Elves, fight off goblins… etc. Originally Posted by MrHotter. Does anybody have a copy of it converted?

It almost hadkenwold you to second level. Join Date Mar Posts 1. There are some free ones around like Tobold’sbut a dry erase board should work just as well. Ive sent you a PM. It then moves into the various encounters that the PCs may meet. Sunday, 16th August,reavegs I’m not running this until October but I would prefer to spend time painting minis for it rather then prepping stat blocks.


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Friday, 4th June, I ended up making it an RP encounter where they had hrakenwold trick the mage and trap him in his lair. They conquered and pillaged, but they also brought technology and civilization along with their conquest.

Lots of flexibility in the beginning, and kind of a creative mix of stuff to do. My group already picked up a contract for kobold bounty, but they also found the rare dragon hide that is in with the boss’ loot.

Reavers Of Harkenwold : DnD

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, At that stage it is reabers 8 level 1 encounters. The filters work on reddit mobile. If you plan to play this adventure as a PC and you want to be surprised, I suggest you stop reading now. Also note our banned subjects list. Why did u decide to scrap it? This subreddit is harkenwlod affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Wizards of the Coast LLC. I figured I could go from level 2 to 8 in the adventures.

Review: Reavers of Harkenwold

What makes RoH so good is how it was written as a mini-sandbox. Originally Posted by ShogunAssassin.

I just reavera it for the third time, and it only gets better. Specifically, the Giant Frogs are supposed to swallow characters up to medium size and the characters are then stunned and taking damage. It was refreshing to me that the adventure had more encounters than were required — it made me feel okay about not using all of them. I removed the traps and one of the monsters from that battle and it was STILL too hard the players retreated and came back the next day with an elf ally.

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5E [5e] looking for Reavers of Harkenwold conversion

I plan to run this in forgotten realms and the valley has been lost and hasn’t been rediscovered as it’s surround by mist or something. Flexibility is the key strength of this module.

If you want, I’ll email what I had. The Keep itself, for instance, could have just a few goblins on the first level, maybe harkenowld zombies on the way down the stairs, the hobgoblins below and the trap room before you get into the Kalarel area throwing out the rats, kruthiks, slime, gelatinous cube, etc. I was not sure what level would be appropriate for each part.

Think of the Roman Legionnaires. This format had its pros and cons, but despite its eventual abandonment, the format appears to d& wrestled the creative juices out of the designers at the time or perhaps in spite of it. ShogunAssassin gave XP for this post. It’s definitely one of the better written pre-made adventures harenwold 4e, and I remember it being pretty popular on EN world a while back. Just enough of a reason why your party is there in a tavern.

The party was escorted to the barracks in room 6, where they killed their escorts, went into the empty banquet hall room 5 and then into the kitchen room 15 where the servants tried to help. Would it be possible for you to like, release the MapTool maps for download, or at least email them to me? Great info just that has saved me a bunch of time, thanks.