An offensive, in-your-face, brutally honest and completely hilarious look at male inner life and sexual fantasy. In the course of this hilariously honest boo. An offensive, in-your-face, brutally honest and completely hilarious look at male inner life and sexual fantasy—sure to be one of the most controversial bo. The self-absorbed narrator continually looks for (and finds) sex but is terrified, if not emasculated, by the prospect of love.

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The book has its faults. I asked myself why this happened. Saying this is about men kultgrn pigs, with one track minds is true, but it is also a complete oversimplification, a missing of the forest for the trees.

In the past, those messages have mostly been about how funny people find my books, how much one of my more deplorable characters reminds them of someone they know, or how people hope they never end up leading the lives of the characters in my books. Women love blaming their boyfriends for everything again, not everyone, but many when most of the time, they’re just as much at fault in their own heartache.

Refresh and try again.

The Average American Male

Quotes from Kultgn Average Ameri I am supposed to learn something or be warned by this shock jock author, but the humor is sparse. If you’re a fuckwit, don’t amfrican in it. He apparently views women only in terms of their ability to give him the thing that he wants, the thing that he must have over and over again and will do almost anything to get. This guy disgusted me. And what kind of girl tries to get back involved with this sociopath?


THE AVERAGE AMERICAN MALE by Chad Kultgen | Kirkus Reviews

I had no empathy for him, in fact I wanted horrible things to happen to him You know, so I can properly feel superior to both. How perfect was it that I spewed on this book; I can’t really make this stuff up and I don’t really need to review it any further!? Yeah, women pretty much suck Maple-syrup soaked pancakes may have the same name as maple-cured bacon, but they don’t taste anything alike. I want you to never want to get married or have children.

The Average American Male (Average American, book 1) by Chad Kultgen

What I see is someone who doesn’t feel happy in a relationship because the sex isn’t good enough and because they want different things. Which is kinda the point.

View all 6 comments. Chadd email contained an edited version of my article and a writer’s agreement that needed to be signed in order for the piece to be posted on their website. Feb 17, Chon rated it really liked it.

That’s definitely not it. This book made me laugh with its biting look at the private observations people make about everyone they come in c Kultgen’s sex-filled stream of consciousness style is completely unfiltered and painfully honest.

Ellis and Baker is, actually, woefully off the mark, son.

I watched a lot of television I didn’t particularly care for because there was nothing else on. Each chapter is titled and, if the titles aren’t setting the scene or the mood, they’re a clever quip about what you’re going to be reading. Either way, don’t spend any money on it – you can knock this thing out in hour and a half at a book store.


Americaan the violence with more sex, then rewrite the entire thing with no sense of character, voice, description, vocabulary, consistency, intellect, emotion, subtlety, etc. Jan 21, Sean Ferguson rated it it was ok. I’m okay with that. My lesbo neighbor lent my lesbro friend and I this book and I took several ammerican to try to read it. An offensive, in-your-face, brutally honest and completely hilarious look at male inner life and sexual fantasy—sure to be one of the most controversial books of the year.


In the next 20 years, it’s likely that a majority of chaf who regularly use the Internet will have at least one naked picture of themselves floating around.

Are all men sniffers?????? It’s basically about a gross misogynist guy that grimly makes fun of every woman, hates and cheats on his girlfriend, hates the band No Doubt, plays video games all the time, and jacks char an exaggerated amount of times. This book either resonates with you or it doesn’t.

I’m not really sure what I expected when I decided to purchase a book with a ribbon reading “the novel that inspired the hit viral video” in the corner, but I guess I got what I deserved.