To meet this growing need for qualified professionals, LPI developed the Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer certification which verifies the skills . CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI. CÓDIGO DE DISPOSITIVOS, SISTEMAS DE ARQUIVOS DO LINUX, HIERARQUIA PADRÃO DE SISTEMAS DE ARQUIVOS. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offers professional certifications to help you validate your knowledge and skills in various aspects of Linux.

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Build a new kernel and appropriate kernel modules. Candidates should understand device detection and management using udev. Candidates should be able to properly certjficacao a kernel to include or disable specific features of the Linux kernel as necessary. I agree that certificaco information submitted to the Linux Professional Institute is subject to the Privacy Policy. LPI believes that such a certification program must meet the requirements of both IT professionals and the organizations that would employ them.

It is headquartered near Toronto, OntarioCanada. Unpack source code using common compression and archive utilities Understand basics of invoking make to compile programs Apply parameters to a configure script Know where sources are stored by default Termos: Candidates should be able to configure kernel options to linyx various drives.

There are no prerequisites for this certification Requirements: Ppi should be able to configure automount filesystems using AutoFS. The exams are not normally administered by Linux Professional Institute Ceryificacao. LPI is committed to providing the IT community with exams of the highest quality relevance and accuracy. Get news, event invites, and updates. Candidates should be able to properly maintain a Linux filesystem using system utilities. Businesses across the globe are increasingly implementing DevOps practices to optimize daily systems administration and software development tasks.


Beta exams are offered as part of the community feedback process and are free of charge. Candidates should be able to identify and correct common boot and run time issues. Candidates should be able to create and remove logical volumes, volume groups, and physical volumes.

Hire only certified Linux professionals Find out why hiring only certified professionals is good for your business. This objective includes configuring a multi-homed network device and linkx communication lppi. The exams are available in almost every country in the world, and are translated into a number of different languages.

Linux Career Guide 2nd Edition Find out about jobs in Linux and discover options to take your career to certoficacao next certificwcao. This objective includes compiling and recompiling the Linux kernel as needed, updating and noting changes in a new kernel, creating an initrd image and installing new kernels.

SpaceX as a company strongly believes in making humans into multi-planetary species. Candidates should be linjx to build and install an executable program from source. Candidates should be able to configure a network device to be able to connect to a local, wired or certivicacao, and a wide-area network.

Candidates should be able to identify and correct common network setup issues, to include knowledge of locations for basic configuration files and commands. LPI is the global certification standard and career support organization for open source professionals. The Internet Archive uses hundreds of x86 servers to catalogue the internet, with all of them running Linux. Get the latest news, tips, certification updates, event information and special community offers and surveys, delivered straight to your inbox from the Linux Professional Institute.

Certification designations earned before 1 September were considered lifetime designations and were not affected by that policy. Again on 1 December LPI decided that the provided skills were not relevant and current so they introduced a five-year recertification policy.


As a result, businesses across industries are hiring IT professionals that can effectively apply DevOps to reduce delivery time and improve quality in the development of new software products.

Linux Professional Institute

How to advance your open source career LPI is the global certification standard and career support organization for open source professionals.

Tools in the LVM suite Resizing, renaming, creating, and removing logical volumes, volume groups, and physical volumes Creating and maintaining snapshots Activating volume groups Termos: Candidates should be able to properly configure and navigate the standard Linux filesystem.

Would you like to become a sponsor? This objective includes configuring automount for network and device filesystems.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Candidates should be able to configure and implement software RAID. A number of exams are also offered at major Linux and IT trade shows and conferences, where the exams are often available at a reduced certificaxao. Ensure that the boot manager can locate the new kernel and associated files. There are no prerequisites for this certification.

This objective includes using and configuring RAID 0, 1 and 5. The exams are primarily multiple choice questions, with some written answers.

Certificação Linux Essentials – O guia Definitivo

This objective includes using both the init utility and init-related kernel options. The LPIC-1 will validate the candidate’s ability to perform maintenance tasks ceetificacao the command line, install and configure a computer running Linux and configure basic networking.

Os Candidatos devem ser capazes de medir os recursos de hardware, rede e largura de banda da rede, identificar e solucionar problemas relacionados ao uso dos recursos. Linux Professional Institute Certification Programs. Views Read Edit View history.