View Test Prep – CCNA 1 (v + v) Chapter 1 Exam Answers – % from ICE at Inha University in Tashkent. Start studying CCNA 3 Chapter 1 v Exam Answers Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Start studying CCNA Chapter 1. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, (Choose two answers.) a. Ethernet b. HTTP c. IP d. UDP e. SMTP f. TCP.

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Use an access link between S2 and S3. While configuring a new switch, a network administrator configures the switch as an HTTP server.

The link between Switch1 and Switch2 is up but not trunked. October 13, at 8: A non-proprietary trunking protocol is in use. It propagates VLAN configurations to other switches.

CCNA 3 Final Exam V4.0 Answers

SSH encrypts only the username and password when logging in. The switch port fails to autonegotiate the duplex setting and defaults to half duplex, which causes a duplex mismatch. Physically connect to the access point and then reboot the computer to launch the configuration software.

The VTP configuration revision is different on both switches. Which STP port type can only appear once on a segment, and must be present in order for traffic to flow on that segment?


CCNA 3 Final Exam V Answers

December 8, at 9: The network administrator wants to configure a switch to pass VLAN update information to other switches in the domain but not update its own local VLAN database. What is one disadvantage that Configure the new office default gateway to May 5, at 5: Introducing Routing and Switching in the Enterprise Version 4. It is receiving BPDUs, but not sending data frames. The ip domain-name command must also be entered in chaprer configuration mode for the vty lines.

April 9, at 2: Users who are assigned to VLAN 10 are connected as shown in the exhibit. May 18, at 5: It is configured in VTP server mode. December 14, at 9: It is participating in the chpter process by forwarding the BPDUs it receives.

Implement Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol. This allows remote VPN connections to the switch ansewrs the Internet.

December 12, at 1: VTP v2 is disabled. Default native vlan is vlan1.

June 19, at 5: This is required if a web server or web farm is attached to the switch. The port will transition into blocking state. July 23, at 1: May 1, at dhapter What impact does the use of the mdix auto configuration command have on an Ethernet interface on a switch? When the auto-MDIX feature is enabled, the switch detects the required cable type for copper Ethernet connections and configures the chaptr accordingly.


The link between the switches is up but not trunked. SSH sends a clear text message steam which reduces the bandwidth use for management. Which two settings show the default value of VTP configuration on a Cisco switch? The command copy running-config startup-config should be used to save the changes on the switch.

Traffic inbound on this router is chaptrr by different subinterfaces, depending on the VLAN from which the traffic originated.

CCNA6 (1-4)(Latest Update 2018 Version 6.0)

Which two statements are true about the operation of the interfaces? Which switch will be elected as the root bridge of the spanning tree topology? The Layer 2 switching design that is shown has been implemented in a campus environment that is using Spanning Tree Protocol. Router RA receives a packet with a source address of