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The range of services available include updated news from Corriere della Sera and La Gazzetta dello Sport, gossip from Novellahoroscopes from Astra, wallpaper from Maxgames like Sudoku, and popular music.

The Corriere della Sera multimedia system was in line with the same period ofwhile the La Gazzetta dello Sport multimedia system reported a small drop of 2.

Chandelier with one light and a strong scenic and emotional impact.

The Book Division revenues are still growing, improving from the previous year and higher than expected. The increase was attributable to all areas, especially the excellent performance of online and the good performances of Spanish Newspapers up EUR I havea good working knowledge settemvre IT, the internet and the main graphic software.

Circulation revenues fell by Figures for the lifestyle sector, where the Group is the confirmed leader, remained steady, while multimedia system publications for men showed a decline barvacasa circulation as a result of a reduction in the number of promotional copies.


All the Board has addressed to Vittorio Colao a deep thanks for all his work and his achievements. Based on these fundamental brafacasa, the action plan attempts to set bravcaasa, in addition to the continuation of the measures implemented in the second half ofa cost structure that can be feasibly sustained in line with the above-mentioned sharp decline in revenues. In particular, the performance of revenues from the integrated system linked to La Gazzetta dello Sport was excellent: Novellawith over one million copies read and a share of This excellent reduction of EUR 4.


Outlook As stated above, in the RCS Group launched a series of far-reaching structural measures aimed at tackling the serious and ongoing crisis in the publishing sector. The main results for the first nine months of compared with those of the same period of dettembre shown below.

Profile: Lara Grana

Operating cash flows improved by around EUR 22 million versus the first half of This was, however, partly offset by the strengthening of digital activities. Group advertising revenues stood at EUR Elle Italia – october – Italy – Xaguara. A Esfera dos Livrosthat is controlled by La Esfera de los Libros and present in Madrid for approximately 5 years, focuses on non fiction and on new Portuguese authors for readers of the Portuguese language throughout Europe. In the last few months ofthere were signs that the negative economic trend was easing, although these did not represent a clear trend reversal able to reduce the lack of visibility that has beset the publishing sector.

The results in the first nine months of the year, together with the sales posted in October, allow us to forecast a significant improvement in operating results relative to JA Apparel subsequently filed a counterclaim.

This was only partly offset by the positive impact of cost cuts and process rationalisation, which led to a fall of around EUR 10 million in operating costs in the quarter. Particular attention will be paid to the financial situation, and — depending on market trends — the possibility of disposing of some non-core assets has not been ruled out.



Advertising revenue totalled EUR Dada Entertainment, which was previously consolidated using the equity method, has been fully consolidated since 1st June As far as the Committee for Internal Control is concerned, the Board accepted the resignations handed in by the Chairman Carlo Buora and provided for his replacement by appointing Raffaele Agrusti.

As advised on 20 Octoberthe Board of Directors of Dada, in accordance with its responsibilities, was also involved in this process. The company would like to thank Mr.

These measures are necessary in light of the climate of extreme uncertainty that exists in Italy and, above all, Spain, where the market has already seen a significant slowdown in advertising revenue, particularly in the television sector.

In particular, Corriere della Sera benefited from the full color version launched in the month of July and Gazzetta dello Sport improved its advertising revenues thanks to the increase in full color advertising. I have read and accepted the privacy policy and terms of use. Given the above, and barring unforeseeable events, the trend in revenues and the results of the cost-cutting measures that have been partially implemented allow us to confirm a major improvement in EBIT with respect towhich should outdo the objectives of the three-year plan presented to the financial community in December.

Advertising revenues fell from EUR The market of men magazines is quite crowded but Max confirms its leading position withcopies read, equal to