This Standard specifies safety requirements for electrical installations in areas where it is intended that low-voltage medical electrical. Incorporating Amendment No. 1. Australian/New Zealand Standard. Electrical installations—. Patient areas. Superseding AS/NZS A. AS/NZS , Electrical installations—Patient treatment areas of protected electrical areas is set out in AS/NZS , Guide to the safe.

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We are consulting ws — not lawyers. Installing fixed electrical equipment. Accident and emergency departments. Operating theatres for non-cardiac surgery Patient ensuites Patient examination rooms in outpatients. Requirements for EP equipotential earth wiring in CPAs similar to edition — but with better drawings. CT control room with injector control unit.

Socket-outlets for cleaning purposes now only required near BPAs. Permanently wired appliances protected by LPDs that also protect socket-outlets or other appliances must have readily accessible isolating switches. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Became a requirement of hospital building contracts.


Reticulated plumbing in at least one patient location. Patient area must be wired as CPA.

AS/NZS 3003:2011 Electrical installations  Patient areas

Potential difference to EP junction: Still applies wherever mains powered medical aa equipmen t is used. BPA area signs may be located outside room entrance.

Recovery areas or wards associated with operating theatres and imaging rooms. Became a requirement of medical and allied health professional bodies e. RCD protected labeling not required. Transformer isolated supplies Installation prospective hazard current LIM alarm – resistive and capacitive, balanced and unbalanced faults.

Excessive requirements in the edition of the standard. Still required in CPA ensuites.

Test 1 – verify protective earthing of socket-outlets and fixed Class I electrical equipment. Not required in BPA ensuites if available within 15 m. Contractor must confirm with facility nxs that electrical reticulation has been designed and located to achieve compliance.

Body/Cardiac Protected Medical Installations: Test & Certification

Electrical installation work includes: Must be up-to-date before starting any alteration or addition. Inaccessible socket-outlets must now have readily accessible isolating switches.


EP terminals no longer required in CPAs. ICU with regular thermodilution Swann-Ganz monitoring. Certain patient areas must be CPAs. Associated report form is full of errors. Class I, or Provided with Type B applied part.

In this context, the following are not considered walls or boundaries: Prior to new work: Where the walls of a BPA are incomplete e. Cardiac catheter laboratories and control 303. Limits apply between and mm above floor, over the whole area except within mm of the walls.