AS/NZS This joint Australian/New Zealand standard was prepared by joint Technical Committee ME, Petroleum Pipelines. AS/NZS () Revisions AS () has recently been revised and released as AS/NZS () with a number of. AS — Australian Standard. ®. Pipelines—Gas and liquid petroleum. Part 2: Welding. A. S. —. This is a free 10 page.

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Where a multi-exposure method is used, comparator shims should be located adjacent to the image quality indicators or at locations where undercut is expected. Partial lengths from a sufficient number of welds to ensure that the equivalent length to Item a above is examined. Primary Industries and Resources S. If data is stored electronically and computer presentations are used for reporting purposes, the data ad be stored in a form that allows re-creation of computer screen images or strip chart or other hard copy presentations at the original resolution so as to enable re-evaluation of the test data by a third party.

AS Gas pipe Welding_百度文库

Where a gas-shielded arc-welding process is used and winds or draughts could impair the quality of the weld, welding habitats or windshields should be used.

Dimensions The dimensions of comparator shims shall be as shown qs Figure Destructive tests may be used to supplement non-destructive examination. A study on laser clean Radiographic image quality is indicated by the smallest wire visible in the radiograph assessed through the parent metal.

Please consult the Contact Officer for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance that may be required. Changes in nonessential variables require documentation but do not require re-qualification.

  ASCO 8320G184 PDF

Gas supply network safety and network supply standards

Backstep welding technique for the longitudinal joints should be considered to minimize weld shrinkage effects in the case of thin wall carrier pipe. The size, convexity or concavity and leg lengths shall be measured to the nearest 0.

The size of fillet weld shall be the leg length of the largest isosceles triangle that can be inscribed in the weld section. Such assemblies are usually prefabricated off-site. The heat sink effect makes the achievement of effective preheat difficult.

The WELDNET – AS/NZS Review – Australian Welding Institute

Damaged material ws not be used. Burn-off rate is proportional to the heat input, divided by the square of the electrode core wire diameter. The pipe grade does not exceed X60 and the carbon equivalent does not exceed 0.

Where the position of a production weld cannot be related to 2885.22 or more of the designated weld positions, a special test position shall be used. Department of Mines and Energy N. Larger variations are permissible provided the welding procedure is requalified with a higher limit of high-low. Branch weld The welder shall mark out, cut, fit, and weld a reinforced bevelled end sit-on branch to a pipe run. The application of Tier 2 to wall thickness less than 7 mm is not allowed. Any combination of electrodes may be used to qualify a procedure.

To safeguard the public and consumers in such a changing environment, these new regulations have been introduced to ensure: Apart from the change in title there has been no notable change to this section.

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Cleaning after testing The penetrant and the developer shall be removed after testing. Where the weld complies with this Standard and the results have been recorded see Clause 8. A code of practice can be defined as a result of legislation or by industry regulators and bodies. This may be achieved by totally masking all areas of the radiograph, with the exception of a window that is of comparable size with the actual undercut, and comparing the density observed in the same size window of the machined grooves.

The pipe in the region of the welding shall be free of all coating material that is deleterious to the weld, or which could interfere with the inspection of the 285.2.

The WELDNET – AS/NZS 2885.2 Review

It is likely that in most cases, because actual operating conditions will be known and therefore assumptions do not need to be as conservative as in the ss case used in Tier 2, the criteria of Tier 3 may, subject to satisfactory levels of fracture toughness, permit the acceptance of more severe discontinuities than both Tiers 1 and 2. The preheat temperature may 28885.2 the ambient or pre-existing temperature of the joint, or it may result from the heating of the parent metal in the region of the weld.

Method of weld identification.