I have posted on this before in several of the Elvish/Quenya/Sindarin threads but so many people continue to hope for an Elvish course on Duolingo that I. 1 févr. Learn the language of elves from J.R.R Tolkin fantasy books The Lord of the Rings. Memorize common phrases in Elvish with an easy and. Ceux qui apprennent le Sindarin (ou tout autre langage construit) ont sans doute été interrogés sur leur manière d’apprendre de telles langues. En discutant.

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We must assume that in the plural this would become cyrwa perfectly regular form according to the rules set out above. But if you really want to understand what Tolkien’s thoughts are and how he viewed the Elvish grammar – then I’m afraid a secondary source will never be enough, and that is a lot more work.

These were no ordinary wolves.

Ainsi vous voulez apprendre l’Elfique?

Deren as the pl. However, our general understanding of the evolution of Grey-elven seems to strongly suggest that certain groups of nouns would behave in somewhat unexpected ways in the plural – though this is perfectly justified when the underlying phonological history is taken into account.

However, one late example indicates that Tolkien abandoned this “Noldorin” system in Sindarin. The unattested intermediate form would be s thalgh pl. Today, let me talk about an article I just read about The Silmarilion! What follows is based on a thorough analysis mainly conducted by eminent Sindarist David Salobut future publications may well prove it wrong in some respects.

Elvish (Quenya and Sindarin) on Duolingo: an explanation

A word like ylf “drinking-vessel” WJ: However, Tolkien later changed dalath to talath ; in the published Silmarillionthe “Guarded Plain” in Beleriand is called Talath Dirnen instead. It is noteworthy, though, that Sindarin nouns can be used as genitives without changing their form. Log in or sign up in seconds. However, this is probably “Noldorin” rather than Sindarin.


In some cases, other endings than – ath seem to be used, such as – rim “people”; in WJ: Later, he found that “this element in the tale has given perhaps more pleasure to more readers than anything else in it” MC: Just like the article i for singular “the” triggers soft mutation, the article in for plural “the” triggers nasal mutation: Vinyar Tengwar 43 features 6 different versions of the Lord’s Prayer in Quenya which allow to trace how Tolkien, not satisfied with the previous versions, altered features of grammar and vocabulary to arrive at a version that would appeal more to him – till he decided to rewrite that one as well.

Read our content policy before submitting content you own or are associated with. Gandalf’s remark the morning after the wolf-attack: In the end, I just don’t think Duolingo is a very good platform for teaching these languages and I give several reasons below.

Dan “against” would surely become dam in the same position dam Meril “against Meril”.

apprencre If you choose to understand Chinese then you should know that Chinese language is without a doubt one of the hardest languages for westerners to find out, and up right up until now studying to speak Chinese to a degree of proficiency outside of the classroom atmosphere has been practically extremely hard but not if you select a course.

Many consonant clusters are allowed in all positions, while initial and final clusters are virtually absent in Quenya.

The o must be left alone and the vowel in the “second-to-last” syllable must be treated as if it were the vowel in the final syllable, which is precisely what it used to be. Perhaps we would also have short e – before words in s – but this consonant would probably become h -: A sentence published in VT But what about the plural form telei?


See below concerning the various uses of the soft mutation; while describing the mutations themselves, we will use the changes occurring after the definite article i as examples. For the diphthong uiat least, we have attested examples: In Sindarin, adjectives including participles following the noun they describe are usually lenited. This suffix has the slndarin – n or – in. Yet the word andeith from the Etymologies instead appears as andaith in LotR Appendix E, since ei was here in a final syllable.

Sinddarin Eregion and od Imladris would apparently have been possible, but not necessary. Rather we must see linnod as a derived noun, an independent word for “verse” that can probably have its own plural linnyd “verses”.

Language Learning Resources – An overview of useful programs and courses for learning apprenere. The class plurals of words like ranc “arm”, lam “tongue”, cant “shape” and thond “root” would evidently be rangathlammathcannaththonnathrespectively. Hors ligne et gratuit. The prepositions andan may appear as aldal before a word in l.

The endings – od- ig- og used to form singulars from plurals can apprenere be used to form so-called nomina unitatiswords apprenxre one distinct part of something larger, or words denoting a single entity within apprrendre collective.

The behavior of this vowel is quite simple.

The preposition nu or no “under” becomes nuin “under the” as in Dagor-nuin-Giliath “Battle under the Stars”, a name occurring in the Silmarillionchapter If this happened before the final gh of apprender plural adjective teirgh became a vowel so that the cluster disappeared, the form would turn into terghin later Sindarin teri.